Spiral staircase

Spiral staircases, sometimes referred to as spiral staircases, are used both indoors and outdoors.

They work particularly well in areas with limited space.

They can be installed in industrial buildings, warehouses as well as in residential buildings.

The construction of spiral staircases is based on a central column.

Corrosion protection:

– hot-dip galvanised according to EN 1461
– powder-coated according to RAL (optional)

Staircase encapsulation

Often, stair structures are also built in, which provides protection against unauthorised access.

As a rule, this is achieved by the use of:
– expanded metal
or welded mesh
– expanded metal
– gratings
– sandwich slabs

The encapsulation can be made in various forms.
It can cover only the lower level of the staircase or its entire structure.

In addition to their safety function, such covers can also play an aesthetic role.

Stair treads / Staircase steps

Corrugated sheet


Serrated grating



Trough for carpeting


Railing with vertical infill (child-safe)

Technical balustrade

Technical balustrade with horizontal infill, according to standard

Other types of railings on request